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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

So what are you looking for?

Want to be the next Viral thing?

Got the Next best T-shirt Idea?

Then you're one step closer then you were before! The biggest failure for most is not taking that first step. Draw it, put the ideas down, sketch it and then take a break and come back to it. I guarantee there is another design in that brain of yours.

Alright, I'll Break it down fo you!

  1. - Niche

  2. - Niche



Sorry, I couldn't help myself, this is your first thing. To go and find it and work on it, find out what you're passionate about be it pets, bikes, cars, sport, funny, holidays, hiking, running, tv, movies and so on and so forth. Just remember that when you look into your Niche you need to make sure that you are not crossing any lines design-wise when it comes to copyright.

So once you have figured out what you're all about time to put the ideas down on paper, do some research. Pinterest, google search, check on the competition see what they are doing this would probably be the biggest one to do.

How to check your competition

Well, that's an easy one, choose some keywords that you would type if you were the customer. This is key PEOPLE, think like the customer. Example: I want to find a tee for someone for Christmas. So I start off on Pinterest and type just like if I were the customer trying to look for a Christmas gift.

  • Christmas Tee

  • Christmas Tshirts

  • Christmas Tshirt Ideas

  • Christmas Tee Quotes

So now you've got a load of ideas to go on, then this can lead to the competition and if you're lucky enough to their website. This is where you can soak up some more ideas on how they advertise on their site. Now get those ideas on paper and Get Creative People. Believe me, you ain't going to get anything done until you see it in front of you.

Once you got some ideas down, time to check the competition check the same keywords to start with into google and see what comes up. If nothing then type back into Pinterest and click the link, this should give you the person's website that they're selling this particular design.

So as you can see by this quick search and click I can go check out the website of this design and see what's what. From here, so what other things they are doing, pricing, displaying of products (this is a big one), shipping and special offers.

Alright, we got some fun work now!!!! So you got the design you like and you need to move into the mock-up stage. Now there is so many different programmes to choose from Photoshop, illustrator, procreate, GIMP so on and so forth. Personally stick to Photoshop and Illustrator these are the bread and butter. WHY? Well because of most mockup programmes (unless you create your own) are always linked to them being compatible with those two programmes.

I personally use the Adobe Creative monthly plan, Photoshop is $9.99 month and illustrator is $19.99. My way of thinking when it comes to these kinds of purchases is to break it down PER DAY!!!!!!!! this will help and then in your day to day life what do you spend a day on the same then it shouldn't seem so, "Oh my god again with this monthly purchase" Don't get what I'm saying. $9.99 then divide it by say 30 days, which comes out to about 33 cents a day. I think you get it!

Let's see if I can find some free mockup templates for you to use shall we, one favour then if you have enjoyed so far then please sign up to my mailing list for creative people or comment below I'm all about the engagement so back to what you are here for. Just click the image to Connect (hahaha) thought it was good staying with it now. Just select Subscribe.

Thank you if you took the time to plug your email in by clicking the image above, but back to the good stuff, a FREE MOCK-UP for you to start your new design on. Here you go click away and download, they have other mockups for you to look through but for this particular post all yours.

There you have it new tee designers, I would get as much out of this site as possible choose different mockups, try different designs and when I say that I also mean different Tee's (round neck, V-neck) but be aware that if you put that design on a particular Tee then you need to make sure you deliver on it. Once you get a bit further along and want to get a bit fancier i.e different models, different poses and so forth come check out.


This is my go-to place, I get all my new Tee Mock-ups from here, some you get for free, some are paid. Between $8-$30 depending on what you want but like I said I use this site to get all the updated mockups. If you have been around and done these kinds of things in the Tee world then you probably would have heard of it. Drum Roll!

CREATIVE MARKET So this is my place of Creative fun, I use the Freeman Studio for a lot of the Mock-ups that I do, now for those of you that are detailed orientated you will see 2017 at the bottom, meaning I still use these two years on and they are still relevant and still work with the updates from adobe. It's a great investment to get a pro look to your tee design, but don't get me wrong-a flat design Tee works as well but I would say for multiple listing in setting up a shop. Whereas something like the pic below would be a promo tool, but that is my opinion and whatever gets you making money then I'm for it


  • Do the Research

  • Put the Design on Paper

  • Subscribe To My Email List (evil laugh)

  • Check the competition (Do the research again)

  • Get yourself a Free Mock-up

  • Get yourself a Premium Mock-up

Until next time, don't forget you can subscribe to my mailing list at the bottom of this page. Thank you for your time and hope this was helpful.

Get Creative People

Kevin Mounsor

Stoak'd Studio



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