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Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Winter is here and its time to wrap up warm with some Stoak'd merch, that's right time grab those Hoodies and jumpers and curl up in the house with some hot cocoa and Netflix. What are we gonna offer to get you in our brand of clothing!

What do you want?

Free Shipping


Two for One

For free (Sorry can't do this one, well you can ask!)

Well, how about I'll give you some options and see what you think, let's start off with some FREE SHIPPING shall we, cause that one is my Favourite. So this is for the Cayman Island peeps, cause I know this is a big one for trying to get stuff here on Island. So what do we need to convince you to buy, how about on top of the FREE SHIPPING we ship it to Stoakd'd here on the island then you don't have to go to the Airport to pick it up!! (I'll do it for you! I know such a nice guy)

What else can I squeeze into this for you, I know, how about Stoak'd pay the Duty at the Airport as well. What!!!! yeah, that's right.

That's right I will even pay the duty at the airport, pick it up, ship it for FREE and then bring to you where ever you are on the island. So what should you do now, well maybe go check the hoodies and sweatshirts out and see about getting one as fast as you can?

All prices are in USD so all you have to do is covert the price to KYD and you will have the price you pay for everything.


Take this Hoddie for example.

So above is one of our Hoodies on offer part of this awesome deal. So as you can see you pick a color, size ( I would pick a size up from what you would usually wear) and then at the top you can see the Price which as you already know is in USD dollars. So..........

$62.50 / 1.25 = $50 KYD and this price includes everything, so once you add to your cart pick the Free Shipping options like the example below.

After that its time for the payment section, there are two options in this area. You can do the popular Paypal option or you can make a bank deposit (Cayman Residents Only) instructions are given to you once you place your order.

That's it, I'll take care of the rest for you guys in the Cayman Islands and you get our Stoak'd gear without the hassle. Still, have questions?

Then why not drop me a line and ask away, or just to say hello!!!

More available at Stoakdcayman

Well, that's all folks!

Till the next time, Get Creative People

Kevin Mounsor


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