How to Change a Color Image to Black & White in Procreate.

Hey Everyone, So was asked by someone to change their color image to black and white in Procreate which is possible but would be better done in Photoshop if this was going to be printed at a later date. But honestly, it can be done in Procreate as well but I would call it more grayscale, instead of Black and White in some respect.

The great thing with using procreate is its such a powerful app that allows you to do something that you would do in Photoshop for a lot less money. That is why I love using and learning to use this app. You can find the video below for you to watch and will take you through the process to change your color image to black and white using Procreate, but the process is pretty much the same to do in Photoshop. so Enjoy!

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I hope this tutorial on how to change a color image to grayscale has helped with your learning and a better understanding of the Procreate App.

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