How to Create T-shirt Mockups That Sell

So how to get Those T-shirt Mockups that Sell or even get those ones for FREE!!

Let Stoak'd Studio show you some Tips & Tricks

Where to start, that's the easy part first you need your design that is the key thing, no design means nothing to mockup and well that's just no good. So grab your best design and let's see what we can find to get you started, shall we?

Alrighty, let's start with one of my favorite's, and if you have read my other posts you know that I use them a lot.

Creative Market

Everyone knows I love this site it has pretty much anything you need to find on this site it has reviews, so you can check before buying a certain product. But here is what I mean okay, below you will see just a random one I found, There are over 2000 different apparel items to choose from in this bundle alone, plus you see before you buy and then on top of that there are the reviews as well and if you have problems they will contact you to help sort the problem out.

I have to say I love using Creative Market they have so many creative people here that it just makes your life easier to find something you need. But I'll try not to harp on too much about it, well at least one more. Once you get comfortable or like a particular creator then you can just use them, so one I do use is Freshman Studio if you click this link it will take you to their main page to see everything they have to offer.

Alright, let's get you some FREE STUFF, shall we? Well, the biggest amount of free stuff I found for download was this site. they have more than just tee's on here but like I said this would be the best for a range of FREE mock-ups.

So For Tee's and models for FREE I would suggest these

These are the best selection for Free mockups that are available for 2020, now don't get me wrong there are others you can use like Printful and some of these are third party fulfillment apps or sites. Now, these give you the ability to use the site and download the mockups in various colors and so on. If you would like me to go into more detail just comment below and ill do a post all about it. But one thing to be aware of is you need to change it up. What do I mean I'll show you.

Okay so I just quickly type in to find a Tshirt company and to be honest I do love this one but, if you are starting out what is the one thing that stands out. Do you SEE IT?

Yep it's the same model, again and again, now don't get me wrong if you keep clicking, I think it was about my 9th hit I found a different model but it was this one. Now it's Different but the same Model but a slight difference in the pose. So what I'm I trying to say, Change it up, granted its gonna be some extra work but the effort you put in will pay you back when you advertise. This is my way of doing things when I would I advertise I would have the generic way you see up top but I would also throw in some other models or poses to see what gets the sell. For Example, try this, this company used different mockup models in the checkout page but has the same tee design for you to see.

So as you can see there is a different range available in the mockups which helps you the seller to see a different way of using the same Tee design but use a different style of Mockups when you set up your shop online or when you need to advertise this particular design. So what are you waiting for going and get out there tried the Free Stuff first and then if you need extra try the paid ones instead to give you that variety to grow your business.

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