How to Make Stickers With Parchment Paper

Hello All, so today during this never-ending #STAYATHOME saga, I thought I would share with you how to make Stickers with parchment paper. Now usually you can find everything you need around the house and to be honest you only need a few things. So let's get you started shall we? Got Pinterest then why not pin this to one of your boards!

What you are going to need to make stickers with parchment paper.

  • Your amazing designs or cutouts from magazines or comics

  • Scissors (Parent supervise with kids)

  • Sellotape ( the wider the better but if you have the regular size it will still work)

  • Parchment Paper or you can try wax paper, I've heard it works as well.

  • Flat surface to work on

Now you should be all ready to make your very own Stickers at home, so things you can if you don't have a printer or magazines to cut up. Why not draw your very own design on a piece of paper and cut it out, follow along to the video and you will end up with the same result.

You can follow along to this video tutorial to help you with the steps. Good Luck!

Well there you go, so now you can make your very own DIY Stickers at home, no need to get sticker paper or double-sided tape. Hope you had fun following along to the video tutorial if you haven't already please subscribe to it and sign up for the mailing list for new things happening at Stoak'd Studio.

Once again thanks for watching and hope you had some fun.

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