How to Place an Image inside Text

Time to cover some clipping masks in Procreate, this is one of the easiest things to do in Procreate just by using the text tool and an image and a clipping mask which will give you a great effect at the end. Below is one that I created in Procreate and was like four steps so you know it's nice and simple and easy to follow along to. You can even implement this into Photoshop if that is the digital software you use.

So I know you are ready to get started, so I'll put the video in here for you to follow along to create your very own masterpiece. Remember if you like the video tutorials that are been created by Stoak'd Studio then please Subscribe and give it a big Thumbs Up.

Thanks for following along I hope the video helps with you creating your own artwork, I would love to see what you create so feel free to leave a picture in the comment or share with me on any of the social platforms I use and just tag me it.

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