Learn to color in Procreate

So I have been working on Procreate a lot recently and loving it by the way. The app is awesome and only $10 which is great if you want to change up from the Adobe creative like Photoshop or illustrator, not to say they aren't great but the Procreate App is a one-off payment instead of a monthly subscription.

Okay let's get down to How to color in Procreate

So this is one of the video tutorials I created to help you get started with coloring in procreate, you can either download the picture from my Patreon page and follow along or you can just take what you learn here and implement it into your own character.

So I will be adding more tutorials to the channel every week that deal with the Procreate app, if you are a beginner then you and I are in the same boat and this is going to be the perfect place for you to start your Procreate journey. So dive in and check out the youtube channel and we will learn together.

Get Creative people

Thanks again to all the followers and see you next time!

Kevin Mounsor


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