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So while looking around looking for fun things to do during our time in lockdown I decided that I would write about how to get some of these awesome brush packages that are on offer right now. I like to try and find the ones that have a lot of brushes in them and then you can choose from the bundle the ones that you would probably use and just keep the other ones for a rainy day.

Pro tip: I would say when I download a brush pack sometimes I find that I go 'I've seen that one before' which is my reasoning for buying the one with the most brushes in it.

Alright, lets jump right into these, seeing as I like to ink characters that is usually my focus when it comes to this kind of things but I'll try to throw in a variety for you to over.

This has some very cool brushes cartooning and inking plus there are some good stamps in here for textures, this always reminds me of ones that you would for newspaper cartoons.

Next up, let's throw in a brush lettering package. People love doing lettering nowadays because it's easy to learn and you can get something creative out of it.

If you are into Lettering then you should give this one a click, there's a great bonus with this one and the letting brushes are very crisp and clean. Plus when you go inside there are other photos for you to see before you get this package.

This one is all about the Vintage Comic book style, there are some cool brushes to go through here.

The set includes a collection of 4-high resolution vintage paper textures, a PDF Brush Guide, and the following brushes:

  • 6B Pencil

  • Vintage Inker

  • Modern Inker

  • Modern Inker Fat (For filling in large areas)

  • Janson Inker (If you don't know Klaus Janson, Google him!)

  • CrowQuill Pen

  • Ashley Dry Brush

  • Vintage Tech Pen (Great for Comic-style, lettering or line work)

  • Vintage Tech Pen Smooth (Great for Comic-style, lettering or line work)

  • Paper Grain Inker (For even more realistic paper bleed!)

  • 45 Halftone Line and Average Halftone Dot (For that finishing touch)

  • BONUS: 4-High Resolution Vintage Paper Textures, Masking Pallette, and Paper Texture Tutorial Guide.

This particular one I see all time, Gouache brush. People are always using this brush in tutorials that I watch you probably can't go wrong with this as it gives you a different style and texture to your drawings.

These illustration brushes feature loads of randomized texture to give the effect of real gouache paint on a brush. Brushes have built-in inconsistencies, resulting in a very natural, hand-painted look. They have been optimized for use with the Apple Pencil, with special sensitivities to pressure and tilt. These brushes are some of the most versatile Procreate tools available and are perfect for illustration, art, and hand-lettering.

These aren't your standard point-and-click 'stamp' style brushes. Designed to behave like the digital paint brushes you are used to, Beat Tones brushes are 100% seamless and can be painted-in just like a digital acrylic, gouache or oil brush with complete control over stroke weight and color.

Whether adding subtle details or flooding large areas with continuous halftones, Beat Tones for Procreate has you covered with a huge variety of halftone dot and line patterns made from authentic source materials in multiple screen angles.

Here's What You Get.

  • 25 continuous tone dot, line & cross hatch brushes in 5 shades from 10% to 90%

  • 24 x Shader Brushes that get darker in response to increased pencil pressure

  • Easy to follow instructions for installation via desktop or direct download to the iPad.

So there's a few of the Favourites that you can use Procreate for start off with to get your brush collection up a little bit and start creating some very cool artwork.

Thanks again for Reading. As always don't forget to comment or subscribe or both at the bottom.

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