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Evening all, so keeping with the theme of the awesome Procreate app, let's brush forward (sorry couldn't help myself). So Procreate brushes for inking, now don't get me started on the free brushes you can find all over the place, you would only need to enter that into google and it would give you an array of brushes for you to choose from, then go through some ads and some ads oh and some ads, believe me, I already did this.

So What I plan to do here is give you the best options that I have seen while I have been working on Procreate.

So, so far these are some of the names that I have come up with that you can link and see their YouTube video or it is linked to a blog post that they have. Let's start from the beginning, the best place would be the people that created the app, they must have some Brushes.


They do, they have a lot actually all done by categories. On hand, they have Ink, painting, effects, drawing, lettering, and shading. The shading section I would probably say is more like a texture archive, has a mixture of texture and distress brushes. Now I clicked on a mixture of these and you are taking to either their site or Creative Market which you know is one of the places that I like to shop. In conclusion, all the ones that I pressed that were available on the Procreate site are available at $$$ amount from either their site or from the Creative Market website.

This is my next choice, you can click above on the banner and will take you straight to his website which has an assortment of different brushes that are all for Procreate. Some of them have a price tag but if you scroll all the way to the bottom you will find the ones that are available for FREE.

But what I want you to take away from this section is this particular Bundle that you get for FREE. FREE Comic Ink Brush Set for Procreate: 16+ Inking and SFX Brushes

You will find some of the best inking brushes available for you to use from this bundle and they are all FREE to for you to download and use.

34 Places to find Brushes

Now I don't have to go into too much detail as I have the link for you to go to, to find all you want from this particular section. You will have to do some leg work, as in scrolling through the ones that you are interested in but other than that is about all I have to say about it.


So I just wrote a post about this particular brush that you can check out. Why you Need this Brush! which I still use today to do inking and lettering when I need it.

One big thing that I like about this guy, it that his Brush is FREE, but the biggest reason that I follow him is that when he brings out a tutorial for whatever it might be doing he uses the Brush that you have downloaded, which is awesome, you can easily follow along and complete the task at hand instead of looking at it and saying why don't I see the same as he/she does. This brush is good for inking characters that you might have created or even better for what the creator does with it, lettering, or should I say graffiti lettering. So if anything I would get this brush just so you have it as it has a great line to it and taper if you know what I'm talking about. Also, go follow his youtube channel and Instagram he does some very cool stuff.

Lobster Squirrel

This guy I have been following for a long time, he also has a YouTube channel that you can follow and does a lot of tutorials. He just started to do his Let's Draw series which is great to follow along to, his brush settings will help with great smooth lines when inking out characters that you have created.

Alright, the last one for today!!!

Let's Draw with BeeJayDeL

This one you might remember from my other post where he goes from start to finish on a character, you can find that post at the bottom of the page. One of the great things for this brush is the taper and pressure sensitivity settings, which makes it one of my top choices to use when Inking. This video is very well detailed and has a couple of links to some other brush packs that he has available.

Thanks for reading hopefully find some stuff you can use to help you with inking and give you some more knowledge towards mastering Procreate. Don't forget to add yourself to the email list or leave a comment.

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