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So if you have been following Stoak'd Studio for a bit, I have now started a youtube channel that is giving me some extra fun things to do while we in this situation that we are. So at that time, I have joined some Facebook groups that are catered to Procreate for beginners which are right up my street. There were a few fun things on there and helpful tips but not many videos on how to do stuff, so I figured I would put my two cents into the youtube how to community and see where it would go and well it's been pretty positive on the whole so I'm two feet in with the whole thing.

So below there are my videos for you to go over and check out. As long as it helps people learn something I guess I'm all for it, first up is kind of the introduction to the UI (User Interface) and some gestures or quick tips to move around the canvas and so on.

I'll probably get round to doing another one at some point on this subject as there are some other hidden tips that weren't covered, hard to keep the concentration for the viewer if you go off on one thing!

Once I got this one out there people started to request videos that were awesome so next up is Masks and the Alpha Lock.

This leads me to actually showing the process of how to color a character and some extra helpful side videos to go along with this topic. The plan is to do another (part II) version with some more in-depth techniques once I myself start to get better with Procreate itself.

These two helped out with Changing the Line-color of artwork which is actually a really cool trick to have when creating a character.

The below was helpful to those that were trying to do the same style of lettering as I


The Facebook Group I follow was very helpful with helping and they have some great people there that are happy to help plus you get to see some great work by people that enjoy the Procreate app.

One that was suggested to me was whether I could create a Glitter brush, now that had me laugh a lot. But I did some research and found it to be enjoyable. I think I managed it but I'll let you be the judge of that, anyhow you can follow along and try and make your own brush as well.

There it is a few helpful tutorials for you to follow along to if you would like to see more feel free to subscribe to the channel on youtube or leave a comment. Let me know if there is a tutorial you would like me to have a go at. Thanks for reading and always


Kevin Mounsor


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