Screen Printing With Vinyl

Updated: May 15, 2020

Screen Printing the easy way! Yes, there is a way! I couldn't believe it myself, so now people are using normal Vinyl to Screen Print. It's actually pretty AWESOME, No Need to wait for the exposure, No Need to pay for exposure equipment.

So here is a guide to Screen Printing with Vinyl

So to start off here is a video of a lovely someone I love when it comes to this way of Screen Printing with vinyl. Pigskins & Pigtails.

Alright, so let's talk about what you need to get this going.


  • Vinyl Cutter (Silhouette or Circuit) I have a Silhouette Cameo but both can do the job.

  • Vinyl ( Oracle 651) Tip: For vinyl, some companies charge more for certain colors so just stick to black or white, unless you have some other projects in mind.

  • Transfer Tape this is important as this is the easiest way to transfer your vinyl to the screen especially if its a very wordy design. It comes in two sizes that I particular use, you have the 6"x 100ft or the 12" x 100ft

  • Picking Device ( Most cases it comes with your very own vinyl cutter, personally I use an X-Acto Knife to do my picking on all my Vinyl with adhesive or HTV. Honestly, they a pretty cheap at your local craft store. But if you know a Dentist then they are the same tool.

  • Speedball Screen 10 x 14 this is probably the top end of home screen printing with the vinyl option, there are cheaper options like this 3-pack screen, in all honesty, your talking probably $5 bucks, but it's up to you. ( Yes you can get bigger screens good one to go with is the Speedball 16 x 20 for you larger shirts.

  • Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink so this is for the starter pack this is the best option to get started so you can experiment and so on. Speedball is the brand that I use for Screen printing. For matter of fact its what I use for the screens Too!!!

  • Heating, so obviously you need to let the ink dry but another good technique is to heat press the shirt once it is dry to seal in the ink to the fabric. Now there are many, many Heat presses, but for an entry-level one I would go for this Heat Press its also a good idea to have a heat gun just to have around, it speeds up the process for when you are doing more than one screen. On another note of Heating devices, I haven't used this but people say it works well, in my eyes I already had the heat press so there is no need for it, But its the Circuit Easy Press. I will look into this is in the future for you guys.

  • Parchment paper, now sometimes this is needed, sometimes not, but for me, I always put it between the shirt to make sure there no ink goes through to the back. Especially if you are a bit heavy on the ink then you'll want this. I also use this when doing HTV designs on the Heat press also when sealing the ink to the t-shirt.

  • Painter's Tape this goes round the outside of the cutout vinyl you placed on the screen to make sure no ink accidentally goes where it shouldn't.

Alrighty then, so that should cover the supply side of things and then there's a good tutorial at the top of this post to get you started, but as always please don't be afraid to ask questions or leave me a comment at the bottom.


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