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So right now I'm going back and forth between the niches I have created but at the moment I have the time lets be honest, so today we are going to talk about Mock-ups. Now usually I'm all about the Tees, sweatshirts, basically clothing. But now there is EVERYTHING in one place.

What Am I talking about its this place and funnily enough its called PLACEIT this place has it all for doing mockups its crazy I can't even begin to explain, well I'm going to try but you just have to check for yourself. Anyhow, I'll try to keep it to the niche I love which is clothing for this particular post but if you are into other things to be Mocked up click that link and you can see what they have to offer.

Tee Mockups

Honestly, they have loads of differently styled models, different tees to choose from there is no limit on what you can do on this site when it comes to this type of mock-ups. They also do Video styled models wearing your tee design which is my opinion the next big thing for mock-ups.. This is going to a huge time saver, just think about you have to find the model, they have to be available for the right time then there is a fee for each model, then the photographer and the list goes on and on and on. Or just have a look at this and save yourself a chunk of change.

Some more below and then I'll show you the video ones. So Exciting !!!!!!!

Here is one of the shirts with the image uploaded to the shirt. The process for this is so simple they give you template dimensions that it should be in size-wise just how you would expect it to be when dealing with a POD company. But now instead of just getting the standard POD mockups you can add these to your website and make it stand out from those that are just using the POD stuff.

So here are a few of the options available!

Placeit Video Apparel Section (Exciting)

So, so far, you have a new selection of Mockups to use in the tee Categorie, and is there more you course there is Sweatshirts, tank tops, and so on but here is the one that I'm really excited for that just gives you a little extra.

So I couldn't get the videos to show up here but just visit below and you will find the Apparel Video tab. Example Below, but I did put a selection of the ones that are available below this.

So below is a collection of the videos that are available for you to see they do small clips and then all you need to do is upload your image to the tee to see it in motion.

I could go on people but I'll leave it at that, hopefully, you will find something useful in this new website I know I did.

You can find the site by clicking the link below. Also please feel free to Subscribe to the mailing list or even visit the new Stoak'd Studio YouTube Channel it's always great to get subscribers.

As always People Get Creative

Kevin Mounsor

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