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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Welcome, welcome so for those that know of us, you already know what we do, but for those new to the new site, we are a small based business in the Cayman Islands and have been open since 2015. We love things creative and ideas that lead to these creative things! Our art team is a trio of Artists. A power couple as some people call them Marc & Pam Laurenson and the legend Me!! Kevin Mounsor, but no-one knows who I am or what I look like apart from a select few hahaha (evil laugh).

Anyhow back to the new SITE!! wooop wooop, yeah that's right people papa got a whole new idea for Stoak'd 2020 and he brought it to the stage. Now don't get me wrong I ain't trying to reinvent the wheel on things or in a dis-belief that there isn't this kind of stuff out there online right now, but what I wanted to do was help people out in the Cayman Islands. I want obviously anybody to come to the site from all over to check out new ideas and so on, the more the merrier.

So what am I'm going to do with this fun site, well I'm thinking I'll make it up as I go along hahaha ha aha errghh. Just joking I'll be keeping up with all the new trends and posting every week with a specific topic. Obviously I want to cover as much as I can, which I will do over time. A LONG LONG TIME. What do I want to cover, well biggest passion Tee design, cartoon art, graphic novels or whatever you want to call them, hehee hee, POP art and then on top of that get some other stuff rolling with other artists on the island.!!

I know I can check out some of the classes on the island for different mediums as there are plenty of these at the moment for an enjoyable evening out. If you didn't know any of them then I'll let you know as the blog progresses.

Alrighty, Freebie time.

What do you have to do for this SWEET prize, well nothing really, just the usual really sign up to get entered into the be a winner!!! What do I mean well easy just subscribe to this Awesome New site and you will be entered into win this prize. (Cayman Residents otherwise outside Cayman Islands will get gift cert of Same amount in USD to Download for Art Product of StoakdStudio's choosing) Closing date for this is 20th Of Dec 2019 and draw will be made on Saturday the 21st in the morning and delivered to you. Couldn't find it just go to the home page and click Subscribe enter your email and thats it, you are entered and ready to win.

Well that is my Freebie for the start of this week and the start of this site, I'm very excited about the new ideas and topics and being a bit more active with posts for this new site and art projects to help along with.

So thank you for taking the time reading and look forward to the next time.

Get Creative

Kevin Mounsor


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