Why You Should Get This Procreate Brush!

Morning everyone, so been going through youtube like a madman lately and came across this guy from Italy. Now anybody that is into Graffiti or just getting started this guy is a creative source. One thing that drew me to him, is that when he does his art he uses a certain brush that you can use.

And the Best bit !!!!


That's right people, see when I went through all these tutorials the problem I found was that when I tried to do what the artist did the problem would be they would not explain or show you what brush they were using to create this awesome piece of work that I was trying to follow along with. Then like I said I finally stumbled across this guy who does all his work with his Sim0ndee Brush, which was awesome. Below is one of his recent Tutorials which was how to do a letter, which is super easy to follow along with. The only other brush he used was an Airbrush that comes standard with procreate and he uses it for about three seconds then back to his brush.

So how to get it, there are a few ways but the easiest way would be to go to his website, just click the banner below and that will take you there and then at the bottom you be able to find his brush. I have added some pictures to show where to go, the great thing is when you do click there is only one brush to choose from so there is no confusion.

There it is a new Free Brush for you to use which is actually awesome and great for inking characters as well. If you do enjoy his stuff then you can always just Subscribe to his channel on Youtube, which I'm sure he will appreciate.

Well, that's me done for today I guess, don't forget to subscribe to my mailing list for more freebies and creative things.

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