Would You be Pinterest'D to Follow me!!

What can I say I love a good play on words.

Been too long for a post, so will keep this brief and to the point cause lets be honest it was in the TITLE. So what have I been up to, a lot has been re-designing of the Stoakcayman online store and working through Pinterest to be quite honest?

Do you have Pinterest? If not you should but I'm assuming most people do by now, made me laugh back in the day when my lady was constantly on there scrolling, scrolling, pinning, pinning, scrolling, now I can't get off the thing.

Here is a collection of my Boards that I have put together so far, there are a few more obviously but don't want to overdo it.

What am I asking then well that's easy, come follow me on Pinterest. Like I said there are a few more boards for our other fans. One main one would be the Stoak'd Clothing Board Which has all our products on there linked back to Stoakdcayman.

Other cool things that you can do is collaborate on boards together, which if you have some similar boards or want to work together to promote your boards this is a good way to get some attention.

There it is just a short 'hello' on what has been going on in the last couple of weeks. Promise I'll be more productive on the blog in the upcoming months. Before I sign off for the day,


Got Pinterest, Follow ME!!

Don't have Pinterest, Get it, Follow ME!!!

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Thanks for stopping by.

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